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Benefits of the Bong

Other than pure subjectivity, or preference, it makes sense to ask the question, why should I use a bong instead of packing a pipe or rolling a doobie? One need not be a stoner to wonder about such things. Health … Continue reading

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Bong Or Pipe: Which Is Better?

Which device is better, a bong or a pipe, would be purely a matter of preference. As with other subjective debates, each side makes valid points, and there is plenty of middle ground where people can honestly say that they … Continue reading

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Why Cleaning Your Pipe Is SO Important

Cleaning a glass pipe is important because over time resin and other carcinogens can build up. So to have a purer and cleaner smoke, which is better for your health, it is important to clean your pipe regularly. If you … Continue reading

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Bongs and Why We Use Them

Ever since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which is linked historically to the cult-exploitation film Reefer Madness, marijuana has been the top underground recreational drug. Long before the government ever got involved, though, people the world over had already … Continue reading

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