Bong Or Pipe: Which Is Better?

Which device is better, a bong or a pipe, would be purely a matter of preference. As with other subjective debates, each side makes valid points, and there is plenty of middle ground where people can honestly say that they enjoy both equally. There are many factors to weigh when examining the pros and cons of each item, although there’s no reason that the two things should be mutually exclusive.

A Matter Of Preference

Pipes have a clear advantage price-wise. They’re also superior when it comes to concealment and mobility; they’re small, they can be camouflaged or disguised as other things, and they don’t require water to operate. Bongs are generally considered to pack more punch, as the collection chamber on a bong compresses a good deal more smoke than a pipe can deliver, and are also thought to be a more health-conscious way to enjoy cannabis.

A Matter Of Taste – Literally

Any number of marijuana mavens will tell you that a good glass pipe delivers more flavor than a bong. They say it makes for a more enjoyable hit. There is less opportunity to make a conspicuous mess if you knock a pipe over, as opposed to a bong filled with stinky water. Bongs, though, are extremely popular with those who have come to know them well.

Others will reserve bongs for special occasions or celebrations. Some folks may prefer bong tokes, but do not want to keep one at home, so they only use OPBs (other people’s bongs).

Of course, there are still others who insist on rolling their grass up in a piece of paper, setting it on fire and inhaling the smoke. Old habits die hard. Everyone’s an expert. And they all end up having a good time.

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