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THC Takes Out Tumors

In 2009, a study was released out of Contumplense University in Madrid that yielded some astonishing evidence about THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. Health experts have thought for some time that THC played an important role in staving off … Continue reading

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What Is The Healthiest Way To Get High ?

There is a debate that rages among marijuana smokers about which is the healthiest way to smoke weed? It is generally believed that smoking a joint is the least healthy way to go about it, pipes offer the advantage of … Continue reading

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Conduction Vaporizers

The latest (or at least the most fashionable) product to hit the paraphernalia market is the vaporizer. The basic idea of a vaporizer is to extract the herbal essence from plant matter through aerosolization, which can be achieved at temperatures … Continue reading

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Bongs vs Pipes

First, lets clear something up… the arguments being made for either using a bong or a pipe are based on personal choices and desired results. Pipes deliver a higher dosage ratio of the product being smoked and contain more concentrated … Continue reading

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Are Bongs Healthier for Your Lungs?

People are always looking for the perfect high? This doesn’t always mean what you think; sometimes better means healthier for your body. Ask ten smokers and you will get ten different answers as to the health benefits of using a … Continue reading

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