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Bong Or Pipe: Which Is Better?

Which device is better, a bong or a pipe, would be purely a matter of preference. As with other subjective debates, each side makes valid points, and there is plenty of middle ground where people can honestly say that they … Continue reading

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This Is Not Your Grandfathers Pipe

Many people who partake in the smoking of marijuana are not enamored with bongs. It could be that they don’t want something as obvious as a large glass bong in their house. They may not prefer the bigger, more powerful … Continue reading

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How To Choose The Perfect Pipe- It’s Easier Than You Think

How does it look? When selecting a pipe what are you looking for? You need to ask yourself that question first. Aesthetics are important. Choosing the right color and design makes a statement. But there are other consideration too, mainly, … Continue reading

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