Why Cleaning Your Pipe Is SO Important

Cleaning a glass pipe is important because over time resin and other carcinogens can build up. So to have a purer and cleaner smoke, which is better for your health, it is important to clean your pipe regularly. If you don’t care about the cleaner smoke you might care about making for a more potent smoke. A clogged pipe makes it harder to pull the smoke in which means you have to smoke more to get the effect you are looking for, that hits you in the wallet. Reason enough I think to clean your pipe. Plus a clogged pipe makes it harder to inhale and you get crap on your tongue.

Have some pride

Why would you want dirty stuff? It looks bad, and if you invested money in buying equipment why not have some pride and keep it looking good. Plus if you share your smoke with someone there is nothing cool about breaking out a dirty pipe..I wouldn’t want to take a hit off of someone’s dirty pipe, would you?

Ok so here is one more reason

Some say that the resin can be harvested and smoked for a different kind of high. Now I’m not condoning this practice but you can’t get the resin out of your pipe and smoke it until you clean your pipe. If nothing else motivated you to keep a clean pipe maybe this will. Simply use a toothpick or needle to scrape off the resin that is accumlated inside your pipe, once its all out, mix it with some herbs or roll it in a ball and schhhmoak it !

How to clean a pipe:

First you need a few things.

  1. Plastic gloves.
  2. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
  3. A couple of cotton swabs
  4. Zip lock bag.
  5. Pipe cleaner
  6. Paper towels
  • Place the pipe in the zip lock bag with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and zip the bag. (Make sure the rubbing alcohol completely covers the pipe.
  • Let soak for a few hours or until you see the resin break down
  • Once the resin has had time to break up, use cotton swabs to clean remaining resin out of pipe; you may also need a pipe cleaner to get the remaining gunk out of the hole.
  • Rinse in water, making sure to run water through the whole pipe.
  • Enjoy!
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