Bling-Bling, Meet Bong-Bong

Fancy Pre-cooler from Molino Glass, Bling Bling for the bong !

The design of the bong is simple enough in and of itself. A tube is connected to a water basin with a stem feeding into it. When burned, the smoke is drawn through the stem into the water. where it collects in the chamber above the basin. When the chamber is opened, either by carburetor or by removing the bowl from the stem, the smoke passes up the tube and into the lungs of whomever’s turn it was.

Getting What You Pay For?

A bong can be crafted from the most modest of materials. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t interested in the high-end spectrum of bong engineering and manufacturing. Wanting a bong that is made of superior quality materials, that has a more efficiently metered draw, doesn’t make one a snob (necessarily). “Bling bongs” appeal to the crowd that considers itself connoisseurs of fine marijuana, not just kids looking to get high.

High-Tech Equals High Price

There are other components that can drive up the price of the non-average bong such as the ones made by Molino Glass. Many of the more expensive pieces utilize a diffuser – multiple holes in the stem (rather than the standard opening at the end of it) which produce smaller bubbles of smoke, providing more smoothness. Another feature that adds to the price are notches in the neck, meant to hold ice cubes above the water basin, to further cool the smoke.

When it comes to the market, the sky might well be the limit where price is concerned. Pierce Brosnan, for one, was spotted at a Malibu head shop buying a bong with a $1,000 price tag on it. Whether or not the extra price is tantamount to a better high is purely subjective. Those with more expensive taste may be onto something, but then again, it wouldn’t be the first time a placebo was effective.

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