Celebrities And Their Bongs

Micheal Phelps Roor Bong Hit

Infamous Micheal Phelps Bong Hit Pic - Mind you, The Phelps Doesnt Smoke Cheap Bongs, Nooo He's hitting a Luxury 600$ RooR Bong, click the pic to see the exact model's details... Thats no "noob" bong.

Michael Phelps, the U.S. Olympic gold medalist in swimming, made his biggest splash after the Olympics when he was photographed at a party toking on a bong. This was a big deal, as Phelps – an athlete – was supposed to be a squeaky-clean role model for kids. It cost him plenty in lost endorsements, and his transgression provides the ubiquitous image whenever someone reads or hears his name.

Not The Only One

Phelps is hardly the only one to have been caught dragging on a pipe. Actress Charlize Theron (The Italian Job) was spotted by the paparazzi as she enjoyed a hit off on “apple bong” at a party in the back yard of her Los Angeles home.

Charlize Theron Apple Bong Hit

Charlize Theron Apple Bong Hit - Having a blast are we miss theron ?

The sensationalist program and website TMZ recently caught 18-year old Miley Cyrus pulling on a tube during an at-home party (it was explained that she was smoking salvia, a legal substance in California).


Miley Cyrus Bong Hit Pic

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was recently caught purchasing a glass bong worth $1,000 at a head shop in Malibu.


Pierce Brosnan, Mr. Bong, James Bong, Buying a 1000$ bong

Well Of Course…

Then there are the celebrities for whom casual marijuana use is stock in trade – Tommy Chong, for instance, or Snoop Dogg. They have little interest in hiding their proclivities; neither does Woody Harrelson, who publicly planted seeds in his home state of Kentucky in order to raise awareness of the benefits of marijuana. Other celebrities, though, are on the “say what?” list, as when actor Ashton Kutcher reportedly caught Jenna and Barbara Bush smoking pot at one of his parties. Their father, George W. Bush, admonished his daughters to be more “discreet”.

When a celebrity gets caught with a bong, it makes for titillating news. When ordinary citizens get caught with one, it can be a considerably more serious event. Celebrity stoners lead the way to a society with more lax views on recreational drug use.

Do you know other celebrities caught in the act ? We’d love to know about it, drop us a comment bellow !

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