5 Smoking Accessories That You Can’t Live Without

Where do you start? How do you choose? The possibilities are plentiful and in order to choose you should know what results you are looking for and what options are available to achieve the maximum results. Some of the accessories available include but are not limited to papers, grinders, roach clips, bong and stash or kiff box. The purpose of these accessories and the importance of having them is determined by the smoking device chosen.


Small sheets, rolls or leaves of paper are used for rolling your choice of product. Rolling papers can be customized, shaped sized and formed according to the users choice. Usually made from the pulp of wood, other products such as hemp, flax or rice can be used as a base composition for rolling paper. Long and rectangular in shape and with a thin strip of glue is the most common design.


Specific grinders are used for grinding buds into smaller size pieces. Grinders are made to make rolling of product easier for use in joints, smoked in a pipe or a vaporizer. Grinders provide a texture of product that burns easily and evenly and helps eliminate holes when rolled. Herb grinders and grinder-pollinators, usually called pollinators are the two basic types of herb grinders commonly used.


Bongs or water pipes are similar in construction and function to a hookah, but bongs are more portable and smaller. Bongs produce a stronger, bigger hit than a pipe. The bong hit is more concentrated with little or no air and is controlled by when the user takes his finger off the hole. There is a 70% dosage of the product being inhaled when using a bong.

4.Kiff Box

Another name for a kiff box is a stash box. Kiff boxes come in various sizes, shapes and designs. These boxes are used to keep marijuana, papers, roach clips and other paraphernalia out of sight. Because of the numerous options available they can be on display and be perceived as an ordinary household item.

5.Roach Clips

Roach clips are holding devices used to avoid dropping a rolled cigarette or joint. Clips reduce the possibility of finger stains, avoid fingers holding on to offensive orders and eliminate the incidents of burning lips. Clips allow smokers to smoke without wasting any products.

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