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Custom Zumo roar Bong

just about one of the best looking roar bongs around.

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roar glass bongs

45cm Glass Roar Bong

Big Bong with professional roar sandblasted glass logo.

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Custom Roar Bongs

Custom lil sista roar bong, top quality glass work.

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What is a Roar Bong ?

Every roar bong is made in Europe, Germany by world famous glass blower Martin Birzle and his team of experts. Roar bongs are easy to recognise thanks to the signature logo which is on Roar glass bongs, parts and accessories. The glass used are blown to perfection from the best Borosilicate glass and they usually go from 2mm up to 7mm of thickness.

Each Roar Bong is beautiful and uniquely made. These state of the art, cutting edge glass bongs are for the sophisticated smoker ( or the ones with a lot of money ;) ), Roar Bongs enhance your smoking aesthetics to a new degree by using scientifically proven, optimum volume to water ratios which gives the user a much smoother smoke.

The Reason Why Roar Bong Are So Popular ?

Roar bong are one of the best bongs money can buy, they are unlike anything you've tried before and once you go "roar" you cant go back :P , If you have never used a roar bong before here are a few of the most common reasons why so many people love these bongs:

* Each Roar products are made from the very good materials, the manufacturer only uses the purest Borosilicate glass.
* A harmonically-composed collection, these bongs are built to last and they are built for efficiency using scientific methods.
* Stunning quality and consistency, this is due to the very high professional workmanship of the team, these are work of art !
* Clear pure lines and custom designs are a joy for many customers worldwide who search for the best and the most unique.

Finally, ROAR Shop team looks upon their clients as friends and partners, offering individual customer advice and service as well as unique repairing services.

Ready To Buy Roar Bongs ?

Since you most likely cant go to germany to the roar bong shop directly, you will have to buy your bong online or from a third party reseller near your house. We recommend buying online as it maximizes your chance on getting the best deals, check out the images at the top and click any roar bong picture you like to be taken to the shop. Its fast, Cheap, Easy and Secure !