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Roor Custom Bong

Fine roor glassware, looking to buy a GOOD bong ?

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45cm Roor Glass Bong

Big Bong with professional Roor sandblasted glass logo.

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Custom Mini Roor Bongs

Custom lil sista roor bong, its a mini roor bong !

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What is a RooR Bong?

The ROOR bong has its roots at the end of the eighties, caused by glass blower Martin Birzle. A modern line of hand-blown water bongs, the ROOR brand has built its success on a strong foundation of intelligent design - a combination of smooth, small form with unprecedented functionality. Unlike 80% of other bongs I have smoked roors do not seem like they like a toy to be built. Also the difference between the other 20% is that it looks like top chemistry equipment is being built, has not art (but you are still beautiful). Now please do not read me wrong, I 'm all for the support of the hand blown glass and it is definitely the most attractive and expressive kind of glass bongs. But roors are built for performance. Roors are in 3 different grades (thicknesses of the glass, the more better in general) that explains some of the price change seemingly identical bongs. They also come with little glass "screens" which are shaped like sockets are, this works very well, because they do not like metal screens get messy and if they receive enough, they can in the bowl and set him straight away easely resinated burn. Roors bongs are made from glass and are easily cleaned with hot water, soap and a little brush. The trunk is slightly from actual roor bong, but has a complete rubber seal removed when he worked in the Bong is laid. Adjust dish in the trunk on sandblasted glass (like the material that they use for chemistry flasks), which works incredibly well.

The construction RooR Bongs ...

ROOR bongs separate themselves from conventional acrylic and glass bongs in that they are completely out of the purest scientific Gradborosilicatglas constructed - no rubber components are used in the compounds. Rubber expands and closes by leading contract over time and gradually deteriorating, and as such, is responsible for creating an uneven seal in Bong vulnerable. ROOR 's method of creating glass aufglas connections ensures relatively even, the airtight seal, able to resist the test of time and tests of a good session. Also available with glass so thick as 7mm throughout the pipe, is damage to the initiation of the extremely hot water or the occasional blow on the table / tub / etc. (a frequent, if not inevitable consequence of regular use and cleaning) hardly any interest. This added material undoubtedly adds to the cost, but added, quality always has its price, and many would approve of, than all the advantages of possessing a fine ROOR water pipes considering pulling that price is extremely reasonable. This saying any ROOR bongs, is a fine investment for the herbalist, as one can easily take pride, if it has a tube that is in the upper crust of the smoking apparatus is enthusiastically recognized by heads over the ball.

Personal Testimonial RooR Bong?

The 3 most important things when a bong is chosen for me: the smokes looks and how easy it is to clean up. Roor bongs performance surpasses any other bongs I 'VE smoked in my life. I 'm not sure what it is about it, but you can be much larger, denser puffs from a roor bong than any other bong of its size (it surpasses even a 5 foot bong has me in power). You can really take more shots. You can change the density of the shock by modifying the bowl out a top to move to a little more air to the inside (very easily and accurately made with the chemical seal). Also you can in just about any angle I suggest, if the right amount of water in it, and it does not affect the shock of all.

Up to eyes, ive seen more artistic pieces (obviously), but the roor hardly a is a disgrace. THe looks the body has and once you've hit him, you appreciate its presence on the coffee table a whole lot.

Ease of cleaning is another point on which all the other roor bongs I 'exceed VE obsessed. Because it 's such a simple design, it' s really simple, with warm water in the bathtub and with the addition of soap just out or any new development and a big bong brush (found in any selbstrespektierenden principal for sub-$ 10) there may be as good as new in about 5 minutes to be restored. Even better, it must be cleaned not very often. There is not much water in it (i 'd guess about a 1-/2schale) and you can find the water is very evidently seen from the outside, so you can accurately, it is dirty, which is so good incentive to regularly change (we generally change our once every couple of bowlpacks), and if you maintain the Bong is not even dirty.

Other of my favorite things about it is the sound it makes when it ... because there 'is s so little water there, is it not, the gurgelnde bubble noise, but rather a sound, as the "only can be described ; roar. " Once you 'VE heard it, the sound is clear. The thought makes my mouth water ... I hope 'dI only; VE done justice to the roor with my description.

by Hieronymus Sun 2nd May 2004 at 4:50: 02