Glass Weed Bowls For Sale Online

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Marijuana Bowls & Stems

Color changing glass slider bong stem and bowl for smoking pot.

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Glass smoking bowls for slider bongs

Cool Slide Bowl For Bong

Glass sliders down stem tubes parts with cool weed bowls.

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glass weed bowls for sale

Glass Weed Bowls

Replacement Glass Weed Bowls parts for your sliding bongs.

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Check out all our spoon pipes, many different glass shapes and colors !

What are Weed Bowls ?

First lets clarify something... weed bowls are NOT spoon pipes... it seems lately that there is a new "trend" for people to call spoon pipes this way because its "cool", but its not correct... let me show you with an image :

Weed Bowls Are not the same as Spoon pipes !
If you came here and were actually looking for spoon pipes, we have those too click here :

Now, back to our topic... Bowls for smoking weed are conical shaped containers or recipient, they are an important piece of weed bongs, because thats where you put your herbs ( marijuana, weed, pot, whatever you call it ), everyone knows that ;) There are many types of weed bowls available for sale, for example regular weed bowls comes with a down stem tube (female piece) attached to them and they are usually made of glass but can also be made of metal; metal weed bowls can usually be unscrewed to separate the stem from the bowl (male piece) in order to provide better cleaning access... Another type of weed bowl is the "slider weed bowl" made for use in (you guessed it) slider bongs, the main difference is that these types of weed bowls which are almost always made of glass have a little handle attached to the bowl, this handle permits the user to slide the bowl in and out of the bong to control the airflow/smoke density, it also makes a cool sound :)

Which Type of bowl for smoking weed should i get ?

As stated before there are 2 main types of marijuana bowls : regular bowls and slider bowls, if you have a carburator bong (regular bong) you will need to use the regular bowls because you DONT need to slide the bowl in and out of the bong, instead carb bong use a "carb hole" to control the smoke in the chamber. Obviously then this means that if you have a slider bong, you need slider bowls and stem, check out our slider bowl page to find some cool weed bowls.

Where Can I Buy Weed Bowls For Cheap ?

In one word : Online ... this is where you will find the most variety and the best prices to buy weed bowls and stems, local headshops selections are very limited and have to increase their price in order to pay for their staff, rent, electricty etc which is all much more expensive than operating an online shop... first id recommend checking out our selection of quality glass weed bowls at the top of this page, we hand picked these weed bowls for you out of hundred of different models available online, of course we cant please everyone and thats why you can always click on the "see more product" button on the right, this will give you access to a wide selection of cool weed smoking bowls for sale. Although the price of these weed bowls is really cheap, their quality is top notch, this is very important for any glass bowl, you do NOT want them to break easely this is why all the weed bowls you see on this page have bowls with double glass walls for extra durability and heat resistance.

How Much Does a Bowl For Weed sells for ?

Well that depends, there are awesome glass weed bowls out there these bowls are work of art, they were hand made by glassblowing artists and their attention to detail is so beautiful, these bowls can cost anywhere from 50$ to 150$. If you want something cheaper, we recommend not going for anything cheaper than 10$, sure you will find some cheaper than that but it is risky business, the quality will most likely be very poor/cheap and you will soon have to buy another bowl for your weed bong... To be safe we think buying a glass weed bowls in the 20$ to 40$ range will most likely be a good purchase, when you have more money and are ready to invest in a cool awesome glass bowl then just go ahead ! the nice thing about glass weed bowl is that they come in many different sizes and shape, a lot of people have 3 or 4 different sizes, one bowl for personal use, one for a little group and the huge bowl for parties !