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50cm Glass Bong

just about one of the best looking big bongs around.

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45cm Big Bong

Big Bong with professional Roor sandblasted logo.

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Killer 60cm Bongs

60cm big bong,It lives to hit..
The "straight shooter".

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What is a Bong ?

A bong is basically a big vertical waterpipe.  There are bongs with a finger hole or a pull bowl ( you pull the bowl out when wanting to clear the bong). Waterpipes and bongs share the same filtering qualities of water. The smoke is also inhaled through water, acting as a filter for the smoke.

Where do Bongs come from?

Water bongs can also be called : big bongs, waterpipes, water pipes, hookah, bongs, bubblers ,shisha, but where called "Narquile" then. They were first seen in the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is all that remained of this big empire. Big bongs , especially hookahs are still very popular in the Middle East.

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