Yes! You Must Clean Your Bong

Bongs are used to intensify the hit from smoking marijuana. It is a more economical way to smoke because you don’t burn or waste anything. Some say it is a healthier way to smoke because you do not inhale carcinogens like you do when you smoke a joint .Although it is a disputable point some believe using a bong is a healthier way to smoke. To get the most out of your experience though, a clean bong is a must !


Bongs can be homemade you can use a plastic bottle or similar item from around the house. But the better bongs are store bought. You can purchase them legally online from many places all over the world. Some states also have head shops, where you can purchase them as well. So even if a state has a law against cannabis smoking, you can still buy bongs and other smoking accessories. The stores usually get around local ordinances by selling you a bit of tobacco with your purchase.

How To Clean A Bong

After using your bong, over time, tar resin and other toxins begins to build up and if you leave dirty bong water to sit it will smell pretty bad. So you will want to flush out the old water and any other buildup. Simple household products work best for cleaning out your bong. Isopropyl alcohol and a little salt works well. If you prefer, there are cleaning products on the market that you can purchase for the job. If you have an acrylic bong you may want to purchase a product made specifically for use with acrylic because you risk of eroding the material with some chemicals. Besides isopropyl alcohol, baking soda, or vinegar will work as well, and sea salt or uncooked rice are excellent scrubbing agents. Also get yourself a good brush to work with. Remember to disassemble all the removable parts and clean them separately, you may find a pipe cleaner to be helpful.

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