Homemade Bongs For Dummies : Learn The Basics

A bong, or water pipe is an instrument used for smoking, you can put various substances inside and if it is mixed properly you will have a good experience. Bongs use a cooling process to filter and cool smoke before it is inhaled. The smoke passes through water which is placed in a chamber of the bong while it is being prepared. Generally bongs are made of glass or acrylic, but this is not always the case. Bongs can be constructed out of many items; even some common household items can be used to make a makeshift or homemade bong.

Why would anyone need a homemade bong? Well maybe you’re low on cash or you find yourself separated from your bong and you need to go all MacGyver and rig up a solution. Homemade bongs can range from very simplistic to extremely creative. Plastic bottles make great bongs. They come in every shape and size you can imagine. If you have a soldering gun or glue gun you can creates a really tight seal, which will prolong the usefulness of your bong.

How to use a bong

  • Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale.
  • This makes a vacuum effect since the only place air can go through is the bowl; the air comes up through the stem, which holds the bowl.
  • You should be holding a flame to the bowl.
  • Smoke will begin to fill the chamber. (If your bong has a carb hole use your finger to cover it up)
  • Once smoke fills the chamber you pull the bowl and keep inhaling. Or if it has a carb take your finger off, at any rate keep inhaling until the smoke fills your lungs.
Illustration Diagram of A Basic Bong Anatomy

Illustration Diagram of A Basic Bong Anatomy

How a Bong is constructed: Think, Bottle, Bowl and Stem

  • Material (usually marijuana) is packed in a bowl. The bowl is positioned at the end of a tube.
  • The other end of the tube is inserted into a container. The container is partially filled with water and sealed.
  • The end of the tube attached to the bowl that is inside the container must be below the water level. Smoke must pass through the water as it exits the pipe.
  • A second tube inside the chamber, is not immersed in the water, it stays above water level. This tube lowers the air pressure to allow outside air to pass through the bowl/tube and allow the water to bubble.

Actually it is fairly easy to construct a bong out of different household objects and everyday materials. If you find yourself in a situation where you are without a bong with a little resourcefulness you can take a look around and find different objects that you can use.

Armed with this information you can now build your own homemade bong, all you need is a little creativity, dont forget to take pictures, we’d love to see your creations  and share them with everyone !

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