This Is Not Your Grandfathers Pipe

Blue Glass Pipe

Colored Glass Pipe are getting cheaper everyday, this one for example is only 8$, which is nothing considering the nice style of this blue sandblasted glass pipe.

Many people who partake in the smoking of marijuana are not enamored with bongs. It could be that they don’t want something as obvious as a large glass bong in their house. They may not prefer the bigger, more powerful hits, which soooo many love. They may have had bad experiences with spilled bong-water (which is nasty stuff), or may have had their hearts broken along with their expensive glass tube. Whatever the reason, those who abstain from bong use can always find another smoking medium. Namely, the pipe.

Creative Design

It doesn’t have to be a Meerschaum pipe – or even a corncob. As with bongs, there are stores that will stock and sell a seemingly infinite amount of paraphernalia. Glass-blowing artisans are just as adept at making traditional smoking pipes as they are at making bongs. Some are carbureted; others are just a simple cylinder with a wide end and a narrow end. One of the more popular designs is called the Steamroller, a large glass pipe that is open on both ends. With a hand clamped over one end, the smoker draws on the pipe, compressing it into the body of the pipe. The smoke is released when one’s hand is removed, resulting in a thick shot into the lungs. This is also called a Chillum by some, but traditionally chillums have a different shape.

The Poor Man’s Pipe

Like bongs, pipes can be fashioned from the most basic of materials. A quick trip to the hardware store for a few brass fittings can result in a quick and cheap pipe. Truly desperate people can make one out of a soda can. They just dent it, poke holes in the dent for a screen, punch a hole in the bottom or the side for a carburetor, and they’re off (so long as they didn’t forget their lighter). You can make a pipe from a carrot, apple and actually pretty much any fruit/vegetable that is rigid enough for you to make holes in it while keeping the overall structural integrity of the food.

Marijuana is so ingrained in American culture that, even with cheap or free materials available, millions of dollars are spent each year on paraphernalia. Pipes and bongs give an increased feeling of pleasure to something that wouldn’t seem to require much assistance in that regard.

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