What Is The Healthiest Way To Get High ?

There is a debate that rages among marijuana smokers about which is the healthiest way to smoke weed? It is generally believed that smoking a joint is the least healthy way to go about it, pipes offer the advantage of not having to smoke the paper used to roll the joint(which might contain chemicals) and bongs are an even healthier alternative due to its use of water as a filter. That being said, there is nothing healthier than a vaporizer.

Bong’s Water Filtering Power

Most health experts feel that water filters out some of the tar and other carcinogens from the smoke, but they point out that the cooling effect of water is of greater significance, since the heated smoke from a joint or pipe is responsible for some tissue-related woes. Bongs deliver a smoother, cleaner and larger hit of compressed smoke that produces a noticeably heavier buzz. And the water does become notably foul and brackish. The logical conclusion is that it is keeping bad stuff out of your lungs.

Better Or Not?

While bearing in mind that all smoke constitutes an intake of carbon and potential carcinogens, many people argue that the water in a bong not only filters out tar and cools the smoke, it also reduces the amount of THC in the smoke. Others pooh-pooh that notion, saying that THC is not water-soluble. Nobody disagrees that rips from a bong produce a stronger high, so it would seem counter-intuitive to think that a bong would lessen the amount of THC in marijuana smoke. Bongs definitively holds an advantage, and technically speaking, they are the healthiest way to SMOKE …but in the end, smoke is definitely unhealthy, no matter how much it is filtered, your lungs wont like it in the long run.

Vaping Is The Way To Go !

The consensus is that a vaporizer is a cleaner, healthier, more efficient method of extracting THC from cannabis than either pipes or bongs. Notice that I used the word “extracting” because technically, what you inhale when you use a vaporizer isnt really smoke, its more like a fine mist, vapour , you know… just vaporized THC…Athletes and active people who use a vaporizer to take their marijuana swear that the effect on their cardiovascular performance weakens when they smoke instead of vaporize. With most of the available information falling into the anecdotal category, one is left to feel one’s way through the maze of questions involved in choosing the preferred method.

For me, I love bongs, just the way they sound, the buzz i get, they also are beautiful and since i don’t smoke too often, i figure its ok… Although I guess if i’d be a daily smoker i’d do most of my sessions using a vaporizer, but i’ll always have a bong for those special occasions !

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