How To Choose The Perfect Pipe- It’s Easier Than You Think

How does it look?

When selecting a pipe what are you looking for? You need to ask yourself that question first. Aesthetics are important. Choosing the right color and design makes a statement. But there are other consideration too, mainly, the materials…


We are primarily discussing hand pipes, there are many different types to choose from :

Glass Pipes are a popular choice, there are different thicknesses of glass pipes. You want to get one that does not break easily, which are the thick ones. Cleaning a glass pipe can be easier because it is one piece, however you may need pipe wire to get any resin or tar out of the hole. There are also different shapes, some have a bowl at the front of the pipe, and others have one that sits on top. Also remember there are different size bowls to choose from. Glass pipes are considered to be the more hygienic choice because glass material does not absorb any of the smoke, there is also less risk of the plastic fumes getting into your lungs.

Metal pipes are pretty classic; they have parts that you have to disassemble in order to clean. It’s a little more work to keep it clean.

Acrylic pipes are pretty durable and usually not expensive. They can come with either a removable bowl or as one piece. Pretty versatile

You can also choose a ceramic, stone or wood pipe. Along with every imaginable shape size and color. Each pipe comes with its own pros and cons. It’s really just a matter of preference.


Also I made the mistake of buying one with the carb hole on the wrong side for my comfort level. I had to use my left hand if I wanted to use my thumb, not a big deal but something to consider. Check for design flaws too, some metal pipes have parts that don’t fit together properly. Look for any cracks in glass pipes.


Believe it or not you can spend quite a bit on accessories. You want to strike a balance between quality and overkill. Don’t buy more pipe than you need .If you are a clumsy sort or if your friends are, and you’ll be sharing, don’t spend 60 bucks on a pipe. (Those cool color changing ones can cost that much) But also don’t buy one so cheap you end up buying another one right away.

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