Easy Ways To Improve Your Hit

It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is you always want to get the most for your money. Weed isn’t cheap. If you have a good stash you want to maximize your enjoyment from it. True, it won’t last forever but at least you can prolong the process. What can you do to improve your hit? First you should consider upgrading your hardware. Yes, invest in better equipment or if you have been going it old school and smoking joints, it might be time to buy a little something to improve your experience a bit. Invest in a pipe or bong and if want to spend a little more consider getting a vaporizer.

Bongs – The kick can be good if you do it right. With a joint you have to really inhale hard and long to get a nice hit. With a bong, you inhale much slower at first, then hard for a second to maximize your hit. Smoother hits means you can inhale deeper and keep the smoke in for longer, thus you need less weed to achieve the same high.

Pipe – If you suck in harder and longer you’ll experience a better hit. These are harsher than bongs, but still, unlike joints its easy to save herbs with a pipe. You can put as little as you want, why roll a whole joint when you just need 1 or 2 hit ?

Blunt –Slow burning and more weed packed inside than a joint will make for a nice hit. This might not save you some weed, but it will definitely improve your hits, there are even flavored blunts, hmmm delicious !

Vaporizer – The holy grail of smokers… Vaporizers do not produce the carcinogens and other toxins of other smoking methods. Studies show the highest levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are present with this method. You also need much less herbs… This is the ultimate way to improve your hits, but it comes at a premium price, which is a small price to pay for better health.

Brownies – One way to consume a lot of the THC is to digest it. You have to bake it to release the THC so why not make brownies! Plus what better cure is there for the munchies, putting it in the brownies will kill two birds with one stoner…

Methods of breathing in or inhalation optimization

Technique is important for getting the best hit. Some ways of inhaling are better for maximizing the effect of your hit.

  • French Inhale – This technique is a little hard to master, Take a good hit then open your mouth and let the smoke out slowly while then inhaling it lightly through your nose. You should be able to get a good flow of smoke going directly from your mouth to your nose.
  • Mouth-Nose Exhale – start exhaling through the mouth, and then simultaneously begin to exhale through your nose about half way through.

It’s all Mental

Sometimes it really is all in your head. When you smoke you should create an environment conducive to achieve the best effect. Put on some good music, keep the lighting mellow, have friends around that don’t kill your buzz; pretty much put yourself in the right state of mind to get the most out of your smoke.

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