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Ice Water Bongs

40cm bong, Great quality, enjoy a ice chilled smoke.

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Orange colored water glass bongs pipes

Colored Water Bong

Beautiful orange colored glass water bong - metal stem.

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water bongs glass bob marley bong

Glass Marijuana Bong

high quality glass water bongs - bob marley decoration.

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Why Buy Water Bongs Online?

Water Bongs are made in alot of shapes, colors and materials. On top of each water bong you'll find a bowl in which you can place your favourite smoking blend. When lit, the smoke passes through water before getting to lungs and mouth. Water used in water bongs act as an important filter effect. Alot of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water. The water cools the smoke giving you a smoother taste at the same time mucous membrane of the lungs will be less harmed. By making the smoke cooler it allows the active chemicals to be inhaled alot more deeply and rapidly. This makes absorption of the active chemical more efficient and so less of the original substance is required

Water bongs were first seen in the Ottoman Empire: which once was a world power with a advanced civilisation. Water bongs can also be called : waterpipes, water pipes, hookah, bongs, bubblers ,shisha, but where called "Narquile" then. Turkey is all that remained of this impressive empire. Water bongs are still very popular in the Middle East. Water bongs in these regions are used to smoke special kinds of tobacco, like honey and apple tobacco. In America the trend is growing slowly, bongs are used to smoke marijuana / cannabis in general where smoking and sharing water bongs amongst friends is seen as sign of friendship and trust.

When smoking a water bong don't use tobacco. Just the pure herb will do. By not using tobacco you will only get pure herbal elements in your lungs ( marijuana thc for example ) creating a feeling that is more clear. Tobacco has opposite effect. A combination of these two makes you dull and tired faster. You need to smoke more to feel good. This is sheer an effect of the addition of tobacco. The water in the pipe filter's a great deal of the tar and other carcinogens from the herbs, making the smoke even more pure.

Can I Use Other Things Than Water in the Bongs ?

Yes, of course you are not restricted to water. Although most people like to smoke using water in their water bongs, some might want to experiment with other liquids ( alcohol like beer, malibu, wine, etc ). The only thing to keep in mind is to ALWAYS change the water in the bong before using it. This serves 2 purpose : Firstly, fresh cool clean water is always better than dirty old water, the smoke will taste better and be smoother. Secondly it is important to change the water for hygiene reasons, this will keep your pipe clean and keep bacteria off your mouth / lungs. Use very hot boiling water once in a while to clean the water bongs.