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marijuana ice glass water bongs

Sandblasted Glass Bong

Great quality, big water glass bong. With Ice retainer.

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Orange colored water glass bongs pipes

Colored Water Bong

Beautiful holland orange colored glass water bongs - metal stem.

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water bongs glass bob marley bong

Marijuana Glass Bongs

high quality glass water bongs - bob marley decoration.

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Why are Glass Water Bongs better ?

Glass is the perfect material to use in bongs. Glass Water Bongs are made in alot of shapes and colors. On top of each glass water bong you'll find a bowl in which you can place your herbs. When lit, the smoke passes through water before getting to lungs and mouth. Water used in glass bongs act as a filter effect. Some of the carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water. The water cools the smoke giving you a smoother taste. Glass material used in bongs doesn't burn, give off any odor or flavor, or add any impurities into the flavour or smoke. In contrast, wood and plastic can burn and melt producing toxic fumes.

Recently Hand blown glass, has taken many forms and functions. Nowhere is this material more impressive and inspiring than in the beauty of blown glass water bongs. Glassblowing art can be a labor-intensive process that involves an impressive amount of talent, this is why the shape of the glass water bong can be very artistic. Glass blowing involves the use of a metal blowpipe that is dipped into molten glass. The glass water bongs artist blows into the pipe, which creates a bubble that is shaped with the use of simple tools, it is then cooled vert slowly so it doesnt crack the glass.

The method of blowing glass in a molten state first came around the first century B.C.E. by artisan syrian craftsmen. The technique was quickly adopted, and then developed, refined and distributed.During the Middle Ages, the worlds capital of glass making was mostly in Venice, Italy. Today glass blowing is used to create many product, including glass water bongs, glass water pipes and big bongs.

Added benefits of Glass Bongs?

One of the most agreed benefits of glass water bongs is its transparency : It is nice to be able to SEE the smoke through the bong and this translucent optical qualities of glass bongs allow you to clear residual stale smoke before taking another hit. Stale smoke is bad because it tastes disgusting and very choking.Glass bongs are the professional and most healthy material to smoke any herbs. 95% of the people who smoke prefer glass because NOTHING comes close.

Can I Use Other Things Than Water in the Bongs ?

Yes, of course you are not restricted to water. Although most people like to smoke using water in their water bongs, some might want to experiment with other liquids ( alcohol like beer, malibu, wine, etc ). The only thing to keep in mind is to ALWAYS change the water in the bong before using it. This serves 2 purpose : Firstly, fresh cool clean water is always better than dirty old water, the smoke will taste better and be smoother. Secondly it is important to change the water for hygiene reasons, this will keep your pipe clean and keep bacteria off your mouth / lungs. Use very hot boiling water once in a while to clean the water bongs.