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Cheap Spoon Pipes

Tons of cheap but quality glass spoon pipes under 10$!

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Glass Spoon Pipes

Large selection of glass spoon pipes many colors available.

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Inside Out Spoon Pipes

Inside out glass spoon pipes this is Awesome work !

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Check out all our spoon pipes, many different glass shapes and colors !

What are glass spoon pipes

As the name suggests a spoon pipe is basically a smoking pipe, but unlike regular pipes, it is shaped like a spoon and usually made of glass. Sometimes also called “inside out spoon pipe” it has an upturned chamber and is usually the most commonly preferred choice of pipe smokers. These kinds of pipe have been used for ages by the people who have fascination for “tobacco” and love to create an impression on others by their smoking habits. It looks very classy and stylish and generally allows you to inhale stronger and thicker fumes of smoke.

The Origin Of The Spoon Pipe:

The glass spoon pipe is another variation of the more common smoking pipe, which is used to smoke tobacco and a variety of other substances, such as herbs (including weed / marijuana / cannabis). Ideally a regular smoking pipe has two parts, that is, a chamber called the bowl or the pot, which contains the substance to be smoked. The pot is the place where this material is lit. The second part is the thin stem, which is also called the shank, which ends in the mouthpiece called the bit. This is made out of a variety of materials like briar, meerschaum and others. The term “spoon pipe” is a slang that basically means a “glass pipe”.

Available Spoon Pipes For Sale:

The smoker looking to buy spoon pipes online will be spoilt with choice, thanks to the myriad of kinds that are available for sale online. One popular type is the color changing variety, which is known to change color under the influence of heat, usage, age and color of its surrounding (background). This type of spoon pipe is made out of an unusually hard variety of glass. During the conception, the silver fuming technique is what gives the glass its color changing quality. The other varieties are shaped like peacocks and lizards for example, some have beautiful engravings and designs on them, many enthusiast consider these as art (indeed, spoon pipes are made by hand). The glass spoon pipe is usually meant for the sophisticated smoker who loves a bit of color and style to his smoking activities. The price range for these glass pipes can range from very cheap to very expensive depending upon what your budget is but it is definitely available easily for all those who want to enjoy smoking, whether you budget is small or large. You can find cheap spoon pipes for around 10$ while the more artistic detailed glass spoon pipes can go over 100$... A word of caution for those looking for cheap spoon smoking pipes; they are cheap for a reason! Do not expect cheap glass spoon pipes to last forever, they might break on the first fall, but that’s ok they are so cheap :P

The most attractive feature of a spoon pipe is that each of them is different from one another. This is because most of them are hand crafted by glass blowers. Therefore each of them has a unique bent to it. Thus there is no standardization; it’s like having a custom spoon pipe made just for you. Compared to smoking joints, it filters out the smoke a little bit and makes the smoking experience very smooth and pleasant without burning/inhaling paper from the joint/cigarette.

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