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What are Marijuana Pipes ?

A glass pipe is an instrument used for smoking herbs ( such as marijuana ). The designs of glass pipes vary considerably, but for the most part they are reusable and consist of a chamber, or bowl, in which the substance to be smoked is placed, a stem of some sort and a mouthpiece through which the smoked is inhaled. A large variety of glass pipes is widely available in online shops. When using a glass pipe it's possible to smoke a combination with tobacco or to just smoke your favorite marijuana pure.

The modern glass pipe of today is inspired from traditional pipes of Indian tribes. To them, the pipe was seen as a connection between earth and heaven. Pipes were also used in Africa,Asia and India. The Aztecs used a hollow piece of reed as pipes. Around the 15th century , the pipe has flourished in European countries.

Why are Glass Pipes Better than other materials ?

Glass pipes dont burn, sweat, give a flavor, or add any impurities into the marijuana smoke's taste. It can be cleaned completely. Glass is a very attractive and alluring material to the eye, it is also more versatile in how it can be shaped , used and colored than most other materials. The transparency of glass has always pleased people in a kind of magical way. Especially so in glass pipes as it lets a smoker see the smoke, it also is a good heat blocker has it doesnt conduct heat as quickly has metal ( if youve smoked in a metal pipe before, you know what i mean ). Most people will agree that holding a glass pipe in your hand has a very smooth feels, which gives it a more high quality impression. A type of glass pipe product that needs extra attention is Color Changing Glass pipes. It is achieved by adding special supplements while working the glass pipes, the result is the most beautiful colors in marijuana pipe and it also has the quality of being very hard and only really breaks if one drops very hard.