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23cm bong, Great quality, lower than 20$.

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This bong is small but effective, less than 10 $ , incredible !

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What are " Cheap Bongs "...

Well first of all, cheap Bongs comes in many different colors and materials. The main production cost that comes into play for bongs are the materials, Glass is probably the most expensive one, while plastic is usualy the cheap alternative. Although glass has many advantage over plastic, there is one area where plastic comes on top , and yes, you guessed it : durability. High quality glass bongs will be made thick but the cheaper glass bongs will be very thin, which means they can break easely if not taken care of or put in a "turbulent" environment where it is prone to get accidently dropped. This is why cheap bongs are often made of plastic, it is harder to break and also can be mass produced to reduce cost of each bong. Nevertheless, we have found some quality glass bongs at very cheap prices.

Ok so what are Bongs then...

On top of each bong no matter if it is a cheap bong or not, you'll find a bowl in which you can place your herbs. When lit, the smoke passes through a stem and then through water before getting to the lungs and mouth. Water used in bongs act as an important filter effect, this is why a cheap bong is still better than no bongs. Alot of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water in the bongs. The water cools the smoke giving you a smoother taste. By making the smoke cooler it allows the smoke to be inhaled alot more deeply and fast. This makes absorption of the active chemical more efficient, which results in less of the original substance being needed.

Cheap plastic bongs or cheap glass ?

Assuming that both bongs are both equally cheap, definitively the right choice would be glass. There is one exception tho, if you want a BIG bong, then chances are you will most likely need to find a plastic bong, large bongs arent cheap no matter what material they are made off but plastic will always be cheaper than glass. This being said, I myself use plastic bongs all the time and they are perfect for those "careless" people like me who do not want to use glass bongs that require continous maintenance, especially cheap glass bong that break easely. Indeed, my cheap bongs serve a purpose, they are good for every day normal usage and I wont fear taking them out in big parties for fear of breaking, worst comes to worst, these cheap bongs are so inexpensive id just buy another one :)