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Blown Glass Bongs

This is a very good quality bong, very detailed work and big bowl.

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Clear Glass Bongs

Cristal clear blown glass bong with ice holder to chill the smoke.

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Glass water marijuana bong

HandBlown Glass Bong

This Colorchanging Hand Blown glass bong is beautiful art !

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What are Bongs ?

Bongs are the same thing as water-pipes but without the hoses, instead of the hose you have a solid tube. With a regular hookah pipe for example you slowly suck the smoke trough the hose and the water. But, with a water bong the smoke will pass the water in one bang because of pressure difference, thus this is why bongs are called bong !

Origins Of Glass-Blowing

Glassblowing is a glass shaping technique that was first invented by people called the Phoenicians, this was around %) B.C. ( near the syro-palestinian coast). The earliest evidence of glassblowing comes from a collection of waste from a glass workshop, including fragments of glass tubes, glass rods and tiny blown bottles, which was dumped in a mikvah, a ritual bath in the Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem dated from 37 to 4 B.C. Some hand blown glass tubes recovered are fire-closed at one end and are partially blown by blowing through the open end while still hot to form small bottles, thus they are considered as a rudimentary form of blowpipe. Hence, tube blowing not only represents the initial attempts of experimentation by glassworkers at blowing glass, it is also a revolutionary step the induced a change in conception and a deep understanding of glass. Such invention swiftly eclipsed all other traditional methods, such as casting and core-forming, in working glass.

Tell Me More About Blown Glass Bongs...

Asian are the ones to thank for the shape of these water pipe ( bongs ). People ( especially in amsterdam ) generaly use bongs to smoke what is called today soft drugs which is know as : marijuana /cannabis !

On top of each bongs you'll find a bowl in which you place your smoking herbs. The smoke passes through the liquid ( usualy water ) before getting to the mouth. Some of carcinogens like tar are filtered . The water in the bong also cools the smoke. Using marijuana bongs allow smoke to be inhaled alot more deeply and rapidly. Results is increased efficiency , thus less marijuana is needed.

Don't use tobacco when smoking a bong. use pure herbs.This way you get pure active elements in your lungs creating a clearer feeling. Tobacco has opposite effect :mixing of tobacco with herbs makes you tired faster. You also need to smoke more to feel good.

Why Buy Blown Glass Bongs Online?

Glassblower are artist and chances are that the ones in your city will sell their pieces at prices that are far greater than what you can find for sale online. Not only that but by shopping online you get access to the BIGGEST selection of blown glass bongs anywhere in the world ! Ok, ready to buy ? Check out the links at the top of this page, click any pictures you like :)