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buy marijuana bongs made in ceramic

Ceramic Marijuana Bong

Small artistic ceramic marijuana bong with metal stem.

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Orange colored water glass bongs pipes

Glass Water Bong

Beautiful orange colored glass water bongs - metal stem.

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Bamboo water marijuana bong with marijuana leaf decoration

Bamboo Marijuana Bongs

Quality bamboo bongs - with marijuana leaf decoration.

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What are Marijuana Bongs ?

Quickly described, a marijuana bong is the same thing as a waterpipe but without hoses. The difference is minimal, with a regular water pipe one slowly draws the smoke trough the hose and the water. But, with a marijuana bong the smoke will pass the water in one bang because of pressure difference, thus this is why a bong is called a bong !

Tell me more about Marijuana Bongs...

Some say that asian are the ones to thank for the shape of these water pipe ( marijuana bongs ).Some suspected that bongs are older than the waterpipes, predecessor of its Indian members. People ( especially in amsterdam ) generaly use bongs to smoke what is called today softdrugs which is know as : marijuana, marihuana, weed, pot, cannabis and other obscur local terms that I wont mention here ;)

On top of each marijuana bong you'll find a bowl in which you place your smoking herbs. The smoke passes through the liquid ( usualy water ) before getting to the mouth. Some of carcinogens like tar are filtered by the water / liquid. The water also cools the smoke. Using marijuana bongs allow smoke to be inhaled alot more deeply and rapidly. Results is increased efficiency , thus less marijuana is needed.

When smoking a marijuana bong don't use tobacco. use pure marijuana. By not using tobacco you will only get pure marijuana elements in your lungs creating a clearer feeling. Tobacco has opposite effect :mixing of tobacco with marijuana makes you dull and tired faster. You also need to smoke more to feel good.

Why Buy Marijuana Bongs Online?

Buying marijuana bongs online allow you to get access to a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials. Grasscity is the biggest online headshop and offer excellent marijuana bongs on top of its customer service. Discreet shipping is another thing that grasscity does well.