The Government’s Point Of View

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On the surface, one would guess that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency takes a rather humorless view of drug paraphernalia, and in this case looks are not deceiving. Uncle Sam doesn’t approve of Schedule I narcotics being used by Americans, and as long as cannabis remains on that list, they will approach it the same way they do cocaine, heroin, hashish, methamphetamine and LSD. It’s hard to find many logical people who can defend marijuana’s place on such a list.

Have You Checked The Children?

The DEA apparently feels the need to direct its message toward parents in order to keep children from starting off with marijuana, which they portray as a “gateway” to harder drugs. Never mind the numerous studies that have proven otherwise – a prohibitionist mindset is not interested in small obstacles such as facts. On their website, the DEA warns parents that paraphernalia is aimed at youths, “with colorful logos, celebrity pictures, and designs like smiley faces on the products” (you can’t make this stuff up).

Ceaseless War

The government is also keen on exposing all the ways in which “the kids” can conceal their marijuana in hidden-compartment canisters, fake magic markers, lipstick cases, et cetera. They also show some of the really cool items that most of “the kids” probably hadn’t ever thought of, such as a gas-mask that has been converted into a bong. There’s no doubt that the DEA has seen it all… The astonishing thing is how willing they are to share such information with the public at large.

The DEA website further decries the advent of online sales. It references the crackdown of the last decade on Internet access to bongs and pipes, claiming to have shut down 18 American companies whose sales alone exceeded a quarter of a billion dollars annually. Imagine what the response would have been if the government had closed down 18 oil companies for essentially the same reasons. It would never happen.

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