Bubblers: Pocket Bongs?

When it comes to pure smoking pleasure, most people prefer the cool, smooth tones delivered by a bong. When it comes to convenience and concealment, bongs are not at the top of the list. They’re generally larger than a cream pitcher and require the use of fluid. They also tend to be colorful and attractive to the eye – not exactly subtle. Pipes, in their various forms, make for more conspicuous traveling.

Best Of Both Worlds

The compromise is something called a “bubbler”. It combines the size and shape of a pipe with a scaled-down version of a bong’s water filtration system. One would be embarrassed to say what a bubbler resembles – suffice it to say it is anatomical. As most all bubblers are made of blown glass, they tend to have gaudy additions to the material such as marbles and magnifiers. They seem to demand just as much of the artisan’s skill as do the bigger and more elaborate (read: Expensive) bongs.

Six Of One…

Although bubblers – usually made from thick blown glass – are probably more durable than some of the larger glass bongs, they have the obvious disadvantage of reduced water capacity. Less water means that it will need to be changed more frequently or it will get quite disgusting indeed. As one would treat the bubbler as a more portable kind of smoking device, there is also the increased chance that it could be in one’s purse or car if (when) it spills.

A bong would generally be considered a household item, no doubt about that. For some, bongs can even become part of a household’s identity. Bubblers are for smokers on the go (whatever they’re inhaling) who still want a cool, smooth hit, or who might be genuinely concerned about the health effects of smoking, and how a bong can make a difference. Their growing popularity suggests that bubblers are meeting people’s needs in all directions.

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