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How To NOT Use a Bong !

[youtube width="630" height="380"][/youtube] #1 rule how to use a bong is to NOT break it, especially if its not yours… That poor kid in stripped shirt got owned! Damn, that looked like an expensive bong too… i dont know if … Continue reading

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AWESOME Bong Smoke Video!

The reason bongs are awesome is because of the SMOKE… [youtube width="630" height="380"][/youtube] We like it ! Good smoking music too , what do you guys think?

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RAP / HIP HOP “Weed Songs” Playlist

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3 Pretty Cool Homemade Bongs

If smoking is your favorite pass time and you feel the urge to smoke very often, then as a do-it-yourselfer, you may prepare your own unique bong at home with whatever is available to you. The internet is filled with … Continue reading

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An Effective Method to Clean Your Bong

No matter which bong you use to puff, be it a glass bong or a plastic bong, it is never hard to steer clear the smoke deposits in it that accumulate over time, leaving the bong smell horrible. Try the … Continue reading

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