An Effective Method to Clean Your Bong

No matter which bong you use to puff, be it a glass bong or a plastic bong, it is never hard to steer clear the smoke deposits in it that accumulate over time, leaving the bong smell horrible. Try the method below to clean your glass or plastic bong.

An easy and quick way to get the gunk out !

Cleaning a Glass Bong:

An un-clean bong not only defeats the purpose of using one, but it also stinks and ruins the taste. Here is a tried, tested and non-toxic way to get a clean bong that you can try at your home.

First, clear out all the water from the bottom of your bong into the toilet drain. This is useful if you want to avoid a stink in your sink. Fill it up with some hot water and shake it well. It should touch all the inner surfaces of your bong. Pour it out into the drain.

Take some rubbing alcohol and put it into the bong along with some coarse salt. The alcohol breaks down the resinous compounds, while the salt scrapes it away. Shake the bong vigorously and once you are sure that it is sufficiently clean, pour out the mixture into the toilet drain again.

Once the resin is out, put some more hot water and rinse the bong thoroughly. Pour out the water and put in a scented cleaner to wash out any residue smell. Once again, rinse it, and leave it to dry.

Cleaning a Plastic Bong:

One way how to clean a plastic bong safely is as follows.

Remove the bong from the bowl and plug the stem with a towel. Put enough water in a pot to fill the bong to the brim. Add a couple tablespoons of salt and boil the water. Pour the water into the bong and let it mix for about five to seven minutes.

Remove the water as well as the towel and scrub the interior of your bong with a long-handled brush. Rinse the bong under tap water and leave it to dry. In case, you do not get a satisfactorily clean bong, repeat the process again.

A glass bong cleans more easily than a plastic bong. In addition, odor retention is less in a glass bong. For long-term use, consider a glass bong over a plastic one.

Finally, fill the bowl with the desired smoking stuff, cover up the clearing hole with a finger and start shooting.

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